Casino Games I am Dying To See

Hello, there! Another guest post—this time from VideogameFan87!

I love video games. Heck, I’ve always loved video games. I’ve loved them since I was about 3 years old.

I used to always play video games with my big brother who’s about 11 years older than me. He showed me the ropes and I would always ask for him to play some more as I couldn’t really hold the pad myself yet. Nowadays I have a son who’s about as old as I was when I was first exposed to some Sega consoles and a Commodore 64. Now my son’s the one who’s always telling me that he wants to watch me play on my Playstation 4. The things have changed, but they are still somehow the same.

Perhaps it was my love for video games that eventually lead me into becoming a fan of online casinos as well. To this day, I enjoy both of these hobbies immensely. I will have some times when I don’t have that much time to play any games at all, but when I do, it’s like I never stopped. It’s the same with both online casinos and video games. I just love playing all kinds of games and the thrill that it gives me.

Only lately, though, did I really realise that there really aren’t a lot of slot machines based on video games at all! This is very weird to me since you can definitely find video slots based on a lot of different themes. Whether it’s some blockbuster movies, historical eras or just about anything else that you can think of, there’s going to be a slot machine about it. Yet, not a lot of video game slots out there!

Granted, there are some video game slots. Most popular of them are probably those based on the Tomb Raider franchise, starring Lara Croft. In addition to these games, I have already tried my hand on Worms, which is of course a classic game as well. Furthermore, I have even read that there’s video slots themed after Call of Duty, Hitman, Street Fighter and Resident Evil, but I’m yet to find any of them at the casinos that I frequent. Be that as it may, these are some of the more iconic franchises in video game history, which kind of leaves me wondering… Where are all the more recent video game slots?

The world of video games is totally amazing and it would most probably convert into the casino world quite nicely. Heck, it would be the perfect marriage! Just think about some killer slots with Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, Persona 5, Yakuza 0 or just about any other famous video game theme! Even listening to the soundtrack from one of these games while playing a slot machine would be awesome—let alone accessing some custom-made bonus features for these games!

Of course, not all video game IPs would really fit the mold with the world of casino games. Some family games, for example, cater to somewhat of a different audience than casino games. Still, I am really looking forward to more video game companies cashing in on the success of casino games! The possibilities are just endless!