Craziest Bonus Terms I’ve Seen At Casinos

G’day, my friends! This is the Slotmaster here giving you your daily serving of casino-related news right here this evening! You’re certainly not going to believe what I have in store for you now… It is something very cuckoo to say the least. I will be taking a look at some of the more ludicrous and rolexday datewholesale replica rolex day date 118208 36mm mens black dial batshit crazy bonus terms and conditions that I’ve ever witnessed. Being that I’ve been playing at casinos for years and years and years now, you just know that it’s going to be good—or should I just say flat-out insane?

Let’s recap some things first, though, shall we?

Bonuses and Bonus Terms

The casinos today are struggling. They are not struggling because the casino business is doing poorly, however—on the contrary. Casino services are selling like proverbial hot cakes, which means that the competition is at its peak. There are so many cool and popular new casinos that it’s basically impossible to get your foot in the door if you’re a new face in the industry. There are some things, however, that make for a bit more level playing field.

Casino bonuses can really even out things. Even though there’s already casinos that have found their niche and gotten a lot of customers to sign up with them, most of us are constantly on the lookout for more. It’s actually quite a lot like what the world of dating has come to. There are so many fish in the sea that some people prefer to keep their options open and go on more and more Tinder dates before actually settling on a partner. Commitment simply isn’t being valued as highly as it was, and while this might suck in the relationship world, it’s actually pretty much what you have to do in the casino business if you want to maximise your chances and play with the most money.

You do have to take into consideration that nothing’s free, though. This is where bonus terms come in. They are the casinos’ way of making sure that they can market stuff without having to actually give you all that you would think. Let’s say they are giving you 50 no deposit free spins. In order to tip the scale into you could check here their favour, they could make it so that the wagering requirements are high and you can only win maximum of 10 pounds even if you were to really luck out. Here you can see that it does not really matter what it is that you’re getting—the truth is in the small print.

Winnings Caps

As you could see above, a winnings cap can really turn things sour. We’ve seen some bonuses out there that only let you win up to 10 times your deposit. If you only deposit 20 pounds, for instance, your winnings cap could only be £200. While this might sound like big money to some, you would only get your hands on it if you were to be lucky enough to complete your wagering—and even if you did this with £10,000 pounds, you would only be able to withdraw £200!

Insane Wagering Requirements

While most casinos’ wagering requirements are cut from the same cloth, there are also bonuses that force you to keep wagering your money over and over again. You should definitely keep an eye on your requirements and use your math skills to see how much work you have in front of you.

Bonuses Specific to Casino Companies

There are actually casino companies out there who only let you take advantage of one of their bonuses. This forces the player to keep track of the casinos that they sign up to as you might lose your winnings if you’ve already used your welcome offer at one of their sister casinos! That’s just bonkers!