When To Change Casino Games

If you’ve ever played online slots before—and judging by what you’re reading right now, you have—then you know the feeling when the game that was so nice to you just a moment ago has now turned into a true cheapskate and doesn’t seem to be giving you anything at all. When faced with these situations, we often get the feeling that these games are rigged, but this is not true. It is only normal that your luck fluctuates. Sometimes you will be firing on all cylinders and winning again and again, whereas other times you’ll be left waiting for those wins like you’ve never won before.

The explanation to these situations is simple: luck is fickle. At first you might enjoy such amazing luck that switching to bad luck simply feels very strange.

What we have described here is the hardest thing for even the most experienced gambling veterans to deal with. It certainly wouldn’t be as bad if you only had poor or close to poor luck to begin with, but when the slots are first treating you nicely, you get blinded by what the odds actually are. After all, you are not supposed to win that much as the deck is stacked against you. So, be grateful when you do win and don’t take things for granted. Your luck might take a turn to the worst at the drop of a hat.


When to Change Games

There are some of us that think that you can actually improve your odds by changing the game when things go sour. If this were the case, most of us would have probably figured that out by now and we’d have a lot more rich people in the world. However, changing games does not help your odds. You might just as well start winning again with your first game as you will with your next game. There are no secret formulas or magic bullets here.

What you should consider, however, is that changing games will at least enhance your session and give you a moment of clarity amidst all the excitement. Picking a new game will give you new experiences and make you feel more satisfied. Even if you still end up losing, at least you will have done it trying a couple of cool games instead of just putting all your eggs in one basket.

Our Advice

Although changing the game doesn’t really work in boosting your luck, it will still give you a sense of accomplishment and keep things fresh. If you have, say, a budget of £60, how about deciding to play at least 4 different games? After every 15 pounds that you lose, make it a habit to try something new. This way, if things don’t go your way, you will still have played four different titles. It’s like filling your stomach with all kinds of great delicacies instead of stuffing yourself with just pepperoni pizza.