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Here’s a new blog for you. This time we’ll be talking about luck. What does luck have to do with slots? What is luck? What are odds? How do you win?

Of course, slots are all about luck. Everyone knows this. But how come no one can explain what luck is? Or perhaps they can, but they just cannot be bothered. Either way, you are just somehow magically supposed to know what luck is.

Explaining luck is a huge undertaking, but we are up for the task!

Luck vs. Odds

First, we have to establish what luck’s relationship with odds is. Odds are all about probability, the chance of something happening.

Let’s say you have a coin that has two sides: heads and tails. When you throw the coin upwards and let it land, you’ll see that either heads or tails will be showing while the other one will be facing the floor instead. The probability for each side is basically 1 out of 2, which means that your odds of seeing heads are 50%.

When you throw the coin two times, your odds of seeing heads at least once naturally go up. They will go up to 75%, while the chances of seeing tails twice will be at 25%. This is basic math, but not many people can count these things.

Now, let’s say that someone wants you to guess how the coin will land. If you guess incorrectly once, you are not really lucky or unlucky as you only had a 50% chance to begin with. It was all within statistics—you were just as likely to lose as replica richard mille rm 68 01 you were to win. However, if you make the mistake twice and end up going for heads when all you get is tails, it’s a whole other story. This means that your odds of winning were 75% but you still managed to lose. This means that you indeed were unlucky.

When the odds are stacked in your favour, you cannot really be lucky. It would be like saying that you’re lucky when you throw a rock into a lake that’s right next to you. That is not being lucky, that is to be expected. However, if you somehow don’t succeed in doing this and you slip, for instance, that is totally unlucky.

Long story short, you have to know your odds in order to know whether you’re being lucky or unlucky while playing slots. So, if you cannot seem to access that bonus feature even after playing 100 spins’ worth, you are not really considered unlucky if the odds of accessing the feature are less than 1%.

Just let this article sink in for a bit!