Friday, June 29, 2012

Mashing and Mixing in the Classroom: Toy Story vs. The Office

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" can look at every situation in the world from different angles, from close up, from far away, from upside down, and from behind. We are creating frames for what we see, hear, and experience all day long, and those frames both inform and limit the way we think." 
inGenius, Tina Seelig

When I saw this poster I immediately imagined students mashing and mixing in the classroom.  Even though this looks like an English or Literature recombination it would be possible to modify it for any content area.  

Students choose a favorite book or movie and then find the parallels between characters in that story and a concept you are studying.  

This past week I recently worked with a couple of seventh grade teachers to do the same thing with the classic Sophocles play Antigone and the key players in the Texas Revolution. If we had created a visual like this Creon = Santa Anna.

Here are a couple of questions from different content areas you might use to frame the assignment: 

What parallels can you find in the character traits of Toy Story and The Office?   Construct a visual that justifies your reasoning.

How do the functions of the parts of a cell parallel with the functions of the stages of a plot in a story?  Develop a visual that compares cell parts with parts of a plot.

How does the functions of an equation parallel the functions of plot development? Combine the two concepts and support your reasoning with a visual product.

Giving the students a chance to remix like this stretches their imaginations, allows them to think at the higher end of Bloom's Taxonomy and let's them manipulate some Web 2.0 tools to create cool visuals.

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